Our civilization develops and actively seeks an alternative to fossil fuels that are detrimental to the quality of our lives.

For this reason, electrical mobility also enhances its exponential presence in our way of life. Within a few years, it will not be something new and unusual, but an ordinary part of our everyday life.

The purpose of the ECO rally is to promote new technologies used by the automotive industry to store, save energy and dispose of the smallest possible amount of air and carbon dioxide (CO2) pollutants from cars. It also encourages motor vehicle drivers to change their aggressive driving habits by giving priority to environmental protection and the sustainability of the transport sector by using alternative fuels and electricity as a source of propulsion for their vehicles.

In Eco E-Rally-Bulgaria 2020 there are two main and distinctive elements for races for which a ranking is made and on the basis of which points are distributed. All contestants are required to demonstrate their serious environmental concerns by avoiding actions that would in some way disrupt or pollute the environment or cause unnecessary noises.