Eco Rally 2019


To you, the fans of motor sports and those who prefer the Eco E-rally discipline, we wish good luck.

Eco – Rally Bulgaria 2019 is a race for the E-Rally Regularity Cup and for the International cup of Bulgaria, Greece and Serbia for 2019.

CK“Interspeed NG” Sport club have once again organized another round of E-Rally Regularity Cup. Since the first race in the distant 2013 until the seventh time we have always aimed to give you enjoyment and a pleasant feeling for a job well done.

This year Eco-Rally Bulgaria 2019’s moto is:

On the route of the April revolt!
From the dynamics of our times – to the past.
From the race on the motorways and roads of the beautiful regions – to the cities of the glorious historical event – the April – revolt.

Sofia, with its rich historical past, will be the center of this event. On the 26.07.2019 on the Alexander I Battenberg Square, will be given the start and on the 28.07.2019 will be the final of Eco-rally Bulgaria. The square will again welcome the numerous participants, partners, sponsors and guests of Sofia.

Participants of the race will travel along a route of about 320 km – the route of the April – rebellions. Koprivshtitsa, Karlovo, Kalofer, Strelcha and Panagyurishte will take us to the old Renaissance – era with their stone-wood architecture, the romance of the cobblestone streets and steep narrow streets, the heavy forged gates decorated with coarse carvings, stone walls and carved on the slabs flowers. We will make a short trip to the ancients of the national Revival – history, to the portraits of the former abadzhii, mutaphchi, skinners, bakers, goldsmiths, to the pure images of “Daskalis” and students, enlighteners who paid with blood and suffering the freedom of a whole people.

The route of the race, with its extremely picturesque and technical regulatory segments, will contribute to the good mood of pilots, navigators, teams, sponsors and audiences. Panagurishte will be our host at the end of the second day and the beginning of the third day of the race.

With a worm feeling we can mention and recall the classic, now legendary stages for regulatory tests: Raduil, Beli Iskar, Borovets, Gutsal, Hisar, Milanovo, Parlichevo, Lakatnik. We must thank all the people of the beautiful resorts Borovets, Lovetch, Pravets, Varshets who’ve made the ralies possible. With admiration we can mention the virtuoso piloting of Massimo Liverani/ Fulvio Cuervo; Guido Guerrini/ Isabelle Barclulli; Kofler Fuzzy/ Gaioni Franco; Elwis Georgiev/ Elena Pisarska; Kalin Dedikov/ Nikolay itanov; Malga Didier/ Bonnel Anne, Molto Javier/Serrano Lorenzo, Marinov Milen/Marinov Radoslav, Apostolov Stoyan/Apostolova Pavlina,Gregor Zdovs/Nenad Stoyanovic; Swetoslav Doichinov/ Mario Dobrev; Sipkov Liuben/ Andreeva Diana; Olga Todorova/ Borislava Todorova; Ivica Vuckovich/ Karin Dimic and everyone who performed as good as the first.

May 26-28, 2019, give our Eco E-car Rally a sport; competitors and their crews of success; the audience of good hours in nature, on the rally route.
And we as organizers, are keen to provide you with a good organization. Let the cities of Sofia, Koprivshtitsa and Panagyurishte and the many villages on the route of the competition donate us with warmth and mood, and strength to protect the natural beauty of our country.

I wish you three unforgettable days with Eco – Rally Bulgaria 2019.

Valya Panteleeva

SC “Interspeed NG”

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